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What should I do if I think My Computer has a Virus, Trojan, Worm or Malware?

Shut down the computer; or at the very least disconnect from the Internet and call us (immediately!) for a Computer Repair

computer virus

(aka Malware), the malware will usually attempt to disable or reduce all security on your computer and communicate with it's originators (these the bad people that create the viruses) and/or remove critical system data from your computer(s).

Computer Virus Symptoms:

*Antivirus is disabled and it cannot be re-enabled
*Internet or the network is unresponsive or acting usual (redirects)
*Computer has a very slow response or locks up
*Unable to use Task Manage, Control Panel, or other Administrative features
*Strange error messages
*Missing files or programs
*Unable to email correctly

Rouge Antivirus alerts:

Rouge Antivirus programs are fake antivirus/antispyware infections that make you think you are infected with a virus/spyware and usually urge you purchase their solution to remove the infection.


These fraudulent antivirus programs have the appearance of legitimate products and use images and phrases similar to real antivirus products. Often, they display messages that state:
"Warning! Your computer is infected! This computer is infected by spyware and adware." If you see this type of behavior, press "cancel", shut down your computer and call us at 508-964-0060 for a computer repair in Franklin, MA Today.

Customer Testimonials:

My desktop PC was plagued with blue screen death so I needed it fixed. FCS was great! He picked up my PC, kept me informed all the way through the process to what tests he was running and what the solution options were. He then delivered it, set it up and made sure it was running properly. I then asked him to tune up another PC I had at home, which he did on the spot in about 30-45 minutes. He's very friendly and knowledgeable and he will work around your schedule.
Raymond - Marlborough, MA

Great service, affordable and reliable computer repair I have been dealing with computer repairs from Faster Computer Service for years now, and have never been disappointed. Very knowledgeable, and friendly service guaranteed. My computer is much faster and more reliable, and I finally feel secure online.
Dan - Canton, MA

My laptop was so slow that it was essentially unusable. This guy came over, he fixed it, and now it's running better than it was when I first got it. There was no BS, and he told exactly what he was doing and why, and how to prevent it in the future. And the price was VERY reasonable. I was about to dump my computer and buy a new one, and now I don't have to, I got anti-virus, spyware killer program, and snappy fast computer. I am very satisfied.
Tom - Boston, MA

A+ Had a hard drive crash: Faster Computer Service was able to retrieve all of my data at a fraction of the price I would have paid elsewhere. Amazing customer service. Highly recommended.
Ned T - Boston, MA

Excellent! I called around and Faster Computer Service is by far the best service and price. 1 day service and excellent results. Killed the viruses and increased speed on all my machines. I am very happy with them.
Jim - Wrentham, MA

For business, FCS is our "go-to" IT company, and has provided multiple computer-related services to our organization here in Woonsocket, RI. I would gladly recommend FCS to anyone.
Dennis - Woonsocket, RI

Great Service. Great Price. My computer is working great now. They fixed all my problems and got wireless working perfectly. I am very happy now. The repair rates were very good. They made the repairs easy to understand. At a great price, too.
-George - Miford, MA Computer Repair in Franklin, MA